Agent 47 Returns With A New Hit….Man

Agent 47 Returns With A New Hit….Man

Yeah baby! E3 is less than a month away and I’m already doing a happy dance. Why? Because Agent 47, one of the biggest badasses around, will be making his triumphant return hopefully later on this year.

Not a lot is known about Hitman Absolution, since the game has just been announced, but some juicy tidbits were given in the official press release:

HITMAN ABSOLUTION follows Agent 47, a cold-blooded assassin, who takes on his most dangerous contract to date. Betrayed by those he once trusted — and now hunted by the police — he suddenly finds himself at the center of a dark conspiracy and must embark on a personal journey through a corrupt and twisted world.

“For the first time we are taking Agent 47 on a personal journey which allows us to explore other parts of the Hitman® fantasy, said Tore Blystad, game director, IO Interactive. “This is both a familiar and yet significantly different experience from other Hitman games; something our silent assassins will relish, as will all those new to the Hitman world.”

If you’re a fan of the Hitman series you know that not a lot has ever really been divulged as far as Agent 47 is concerned. The focus has almost always been on the plot of the games and the contracts he takes. I think it will be refreshing to know more about 47 and about the world he exists in. I’ve been a massive fan of Hitman and Agent 47 for several years now, and for awhile I was even tempted to get a bar code tattoo across my wrist (let’s face it, it’s probably going to happen at some point in the future so I might as well be prepared).

Square Enix will be previewing the game at E3 however it’s invite only (wink wink, nudge nudge), so hopefully we can report back to you all about this awesome game as it’s sure to be a massive hit (see what I did there?). Hitman Absolution will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows PC and I seriously can’t wait.

For more information on Hitman Absolution, check out the official website or Like the series on Facebook.


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