Brink releases new HUD gameplay commentary

Brink releases new HUD gameplay commentary

The fourth video in Brink’s Get SMART series has been released today giving gamers an analysis of the in-game HUD.

This update comes on the back of previous videos highlighting the SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) system, the various choices of objective-based gameplay and another detailing the three body types and classes.

From the commentary in this video the buffing system and the ways a player’s class and primary/secondary mission objectives mesh are important facets of the game. Player’s HUDs will display current buffs, like a health-boost provided by a Medic or an ammunition top-up from a Soldier next to the health bar and self-buffs underneath. Furthermore, in the player’s top-right there will be the overall mission timer, the current primary objective timer and underneath any secondary objectives. Another fact gleaned from the HUD video is that enemies will appear on the mini-map in the bottom right-hand corner only if they have been spotted. It seems in this way that Splash Damage have opted for a happy medium between the mini-maps found in normal/hardcore modes of other popular FPSs.


Earlier videos highlighted how Brink will be keeping players on their toes as players can decide which objectives they wish to complete using the objective wheel but with the caveat that they should think about the most effective class load-out for that objective. They can be viewed here.

Brink will be released on 13/5/2011 on PS3, xbox 360 and PC.

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