Nintendo To Stream Live Coverage of E3 Conference

Nintendo To Stream Live Coverage of E3 Conference

Nintendo are offering fans a ‘virtual front-row seat’ to watch its E3 presentation live from their own computers on 7th June at 9:00am Pacific Time (5:00pm GMT).

Those eager to find out more about the Wii console follow-up, Wii 2, and more details of what is sure to be a flurry of titles for the recently released 3DS hand-held should head to the Nintendo E3 site to see what they have to say.

Various content including interviews and trailers will be available through Nintendo’s E3 site and on the Nintendo Channel, which is available to anyone with a Wii connected to the internet.

What are you looking forward to finding out from Nintendo’s E3 slot? Metal Gear Solid 3DS? Wii 2? Let us know by leaving a comment or heading to our Twitter page.

Make sure to keep checking the site for all E3 news.

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