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Achievement April: … and the winners are?

Achievement April: … and the winners are?

Well, it is now June and April ended a long time ago…so many of you have to be wondering why we are announcing the winners of our latest contest now. The answer is quite simple really: PSN crashed and burned right before our eyes and we had to wait for it to return in all its glory. So, now that trophies have been synced and we can access the profiles of the competitors, who is the big winner?

Since it has been so long, here are the prizes we are giving out:

  • First Place: Choice of either 4,000 Microsoft Points or a $50.00 PlayStation Network Card
  • Second & Third Place: Choice of either 1,600 Microsoft Points or a $20.00 PlayStation Network Card

Because of the horrible delay (thanks Sony), we will be sweetening the prizes. As you all know we will be attending E3 this year, so in addition to the prizes listed above, we will be sending the winners swag from the event. If you’ve won and are attending E3 well, we give you full permission to live out your wildest Robin Hood fantasy and pillage the place until it’s bone dry (but not before we get our hands on some goodies first).

So [insert drum roll here], our winners of Achievement April are:

  • In first place, by quite a large margin, we have Loren, also known as ITLoo on Twitter. Congrats!
  • In second place we have Mark, AKA Keklar.
  • And finally, in third place we have Josh, who will forever be known as J. Lo (it’s a long story).

Congrats to our winners, and please be sure to email us at with your preference: Microsoft Points or PlayStation Network Cards.


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