E3 2011: Centipede: Infestation

E3 2011: Centipede: Infestation

Missile Command was tasked with defending the planet from a massive barrage of…missiles. Unfortunately, Missile Command failed. The resulting explosion brought about mutations in the local insects. The insects were not happy with their mutations and, led by the fearsome villain CENTIPEDE, they decided to make their previous oppressors (that would be the people who smush bugs) pay for their murderous ways.

Centipede starts off as a three-quarters top-down shooter. Enemy insects spawn and attempt to kill you while you attempt to kill them. Killing a spider drops a ten-second weapon-up, including a machine gun, force gun, flamethrower, and goop gun. Killing certain larger bugs spawns turrets where they die. A bit of strategy is required when killing the turret bugs, because you want to put your turrets in the most useful location possible. Then comes the centipede. The centipede battle is very reminiscent of what you remember from the classic.

Centipede: Infestation contains 35 normal levels and 5 boss battles, resulting in 40 levels total. Levels are scored, and two-player local co-operative play is an option. Look for it from Atari on the Wii and 3DS this fall as a retail release.

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