E3 2011: Spider-Man: Edge of Time

E3 2011: Spider-Man: Edge of Time

A lot of times, we look at superhero games as jokes. We always complain that they failed to “get” the character, yet there’s one superhero whose success in games actually outnumbers his failures. I’m talking of course about Marvel’s flagship hero, Spider-Man, and here’s the skinny on his next digital adventure from Activision and Beenox, Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

Spidey’s once again in the thick of it. A scientist from 2099, Walker Sloane, has traveled back in time to change history so that he can make a bid for power. One of the events that occurs that will change the future is the death of Peter Parker at the hands of Anti-Venom. Naturally, Miguel O’Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099, is not going to just let this happen. Using a Chronal Vortex, the two Spideys have to work together to save Peter’s life and Miguel’s future.

The Amazing Spider-Man once again returns with over-the-top web-based combat

Edge of Time seems to continue the groundwork Beenox laid with their last webslinging adventure, Shattered Dimensions. There’s exploratory gameplay as well as distinctive combat between the two heroes. Amazing Spidey is a more ranged fighter, using his webs and over-the-top moves to take on his opponents. Spidey 2099 is more of a brawler, getting in close and clawing at his foes. Amazing’s new Hyper Sense allows him dodge traps and enhance his speed, while 2099 has Accelerated Vision which allows him to make a copy of himself to help during combat. There’s also an unlockable move called Chronal Vortex that when charged allows you to freeze enemies within a certain range.

In keeping with the time-travel theme, there’s an element to the game called Quantum Causality. What this means is that things that happen in Amazing’s time directly affect 2099’s time. As Amazing you will have to take care of situations to make things safer for 2099 to accomplish his tasks. And of course, when we think of Spider-Man, we think of webswinging. Don’t worry friends, it’s still a fun mechanic.

Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099, once more gets a chance to shine in gaming

Like the last game, they’re going for a level of authenticity with their choices behind the scenes. First off, we have writer Peter David working with them. David was co-creator of Spider-Man 2099 and has more than enough experience writing the adventures of both webslingers. And as a fanservice icing on the cake, Amazing Spider-Man is played by Josh Keaton (who voiced the character in the animated series Spectacular Spider-Man as well as the Ultimate version in Shattered Dimensions), while Spider-Man 2099 is being voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes (who played Spidey in the 90’s animated series on Fox as well as Noir Spidey in Dimensions). What this means is that we have great banter back and forth between the two heroes as they attempt to fix time.

At this moment, the only confirmed supervillain is Anti-Venom, whose powers is based on curing people. Sadly, during the boss battle with him, this means curing Amazing Spidey’s radiation-based powers. As the battle goes on longer, it gets harder because Spidey’s being “cured” which is making him more and more human than superhero.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time will be coming out the fall of 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Keep checking back for more news!

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