Marooners’ Talk: Episode 009 – “Dammit, Vinny!”

Marooners’ Talk: Episode 009 – “Dammit, Vinny!”

“Dammit, Vinny!”, which is Episode 009 of Marooners’ Talk, was referenced as Episode 010 multiple times within the episode. Why did we reference it as 010? Well, because it has been almost three months since our last podcast, and I forgot we had only gone up to 008 in our numbering. So, you know…shut up. Anyway, “Dammit, Vinny!” features a couple of guests while at E3: Thom Clancy and the titular Vinny Luongo, who host the Geeks Anonymous live podcast plugged in the episode.

For this special E3 episode, we decided to break the mold and actually talk about our favorite brands of cookware. I mean, come on. EVERYONE is talking about E3, and we wanted to do something different.

Actually, we talked about E3, but wouldn’t cookware have been nice? Everyone needs a good set of cookware.

Anyway, we discuss a lot of the things that we had seen at E3 up through Day 2 (Wednesday), what our favorite things from E3 had been up until that point, and what our plans were for the rest of E3. We also talked about Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and a certain friend who couldn’t be there to see it (but we totally were!).

As always, you can listen instantly below or subscribe on iTunes or Zune and listen on the go! So, you know, do that.

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