Mass Effect 3 Release Date and N7 Collector’s Edition

Commander Shepard and his team are saving the universe again, and it begins on March 6th, 2012.

Shepard must rise to the occasion once again, gathering a team of soldiers, scientists and specialists both old and new to help save us from galactic extinction. The Reapers have finally arrived, and you must make your stand, forming alliances, breaking alliances, and making the hard choices of what planets live and which die in order to save the universe.

Bioware also announced the N7 Collectors edition today. Coming in at $79.99, the collectors edition features exclusive bonus content and unlockable items (varying between platforms)  including in-game appearance packs, a Dark Horse Comic Book, a hardcover art book, an exclusive extended soundtrack, exclusive lithograph and an exclusive N7 patch. You also receive instant access to the N7 Arsenal Pack which features four tactical guns exclusive to the N7 edition.

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