Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference – Live Updates

Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference – Live Updates

Stay here for all the news from this year’s Microsoft E3 Press Conference. Keep refreshing to catch all the updates.

11:06 That’s the end of our live update from the Microsoft E3 conference. Thanks for tuning in. There is a lot to talk about so keep checking the home page for new articles on all the news you’ve just read. Personal highlight was Tomb Raider; I can not wait to see more of that. As always, comments are very welcome. Let us know what you liked seeing the most on our comments page below.

11:04 Just in case you didn’t get it – Don introduced a very brief Halo 4 trailer. It showed Master Chief being thrown around inside a spacecraft that was heading to ward some giant elliptical mess. Standard stuff.

11:02 Halo 4 – Winter 2012. Soooo long to wait.

11:01 HALO 4!!!

11:00 New project trailer…

18:59 Don Mattrick hitting the stage now. Call of Duty DLC will stay exclusive for first release.

18:57 Dance Central 2 – over 100 songs on launch. I think I’d be awesome at that after a few coca colas.

18:56 Kinect Sports Season 2 – Live From E3: “Now American football is being shown. Haha, the voice implementation is so funny for this.”

18:53 Kinect Sports Season 2 – Live From E3: “By putting hand over eyes, as if to look ahead, you can scan the range in front of you.”

10:50 Kinect Object Capture – scan in any item you like “to create your own content”. Fun Labs goes live today on your Xbox. I’m gonna have to get round to a friends house to try that out..

10:49 Kinect Labs – Finger Tracking – 3D art. Looks fancy.

10:46 Kinect Labs creating life-like avatars. In an INSTANT. Copies facial features, hair and copies clothing. Just phenomenal.

10:45 Kinect Fun Labs – new addition to the dash board.

10:42 Tim Schafer on stage to show off Sesame Street – Once Upon A Monster. Elmo and Cookie Monster. YEH! Another Kinect (I’ve learnt how to spell now) title. Looks like another hit for family gaming.

10:40 We like the Star Wars demo. A lot. Hoping the force push/pull controls are fully functioned by player.

10:37 Kinect Star Wars. Jumping, lightsaber voice activation to turn on and authentic slashes to dispose of combat droids. Force push also shown. Want.

10:35 Disneyland Adventures on Kinect. Longest slot so far apart from MW3. Really? Available “holiday season 2011”

10:32 Minecraft making its console debut on Xbox 360 an Kinect. Excited?

10:30 Fable: demo guy just did some Harry Potter sh** and pulled this electro bolt out of nowhere and threw it across the map at an enemy. Lovely stuff from the Fable boys and girls.

10:29 Fable: Kinect based onstage demo. Spell casting looking insane.

10:27 Fable: The Journey – Peter Molyneux – “Next leap forward in Fable franchise ”

10:27 Forza 4 October 11th. All kinds of nice Kinect interactivity there. Especially the headtracking. Go watch a video of it – it’s a must.

10;23 Halo – the original – REMASTERED! New multiplayer maps (along with originals). Title is: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary – release date 15th November 2011.

10:22 Crytek trailer for ‘Ryse’ – Kinect controller game set in ancient Rome.

10:21 In more GOW 3 news – Ice-T’s band ‘Body Count’ will do a track to celebrate the return of Hoard Mode.

10:21 Crytek up next.

10:18 Sea monster is munching on the deck players are standing on – they are ploughing lead into its eye in return. Splat.

10:17 Massive sea mutant, big tentacles destroying everything in its way.

10:16 GOW3 campaign demo on its way. Ice-T is up on stage to help with co-op.

10:15 Gears of War 3 video is running. Bleszinski is on stage.

10:15 UFC live on Xbox allowing people to pick winners for the fights…

10:09 And, it seems, Bing. Voice controlled searching. Xbox lady on stage is saying “Xbox Bing “insert search title here”” and it is returning all relevant content available.

10:07 Youtube is coming to Xbox.

10:06 Xbox Home – all voice activated. “Making it simple to reach all your entertainment.”

10:04 Ubisoft announce that all Tom Clany titles will use Kinenct. Demo of holding and firing a controllerless gun was fascinating.

10:00 Ubisoft – Ghost Recon Future Soldier trailer looking tasty. There’s a theme here… Kinect being used for GR as well. Customization of weapons using your limbs – very flash. Or voice!

9:57 ME3 – voice commands for battle as well. And some crazy hand sword thing. Not bad for a developer who didn’t even make the top 100 :s

9:56 Mass Effect 3 on stage. Yet another Kinect compatible title. Voice control for in game responses. Amaze.

9:52 EA sports Peter Moore is on stage. Madden, Tiger woods and FIFA franchises will all support Kinect. Once more to be announced later..

9:52 Amazing cave escape there by Lara. Classic stuff. Very exciting.

9:48 TR demo is looking amazing. Great fire and water effects and the perspective is much tighter in comparison to previous titles.

9:47 Tomb Raider demo – games are coming quick and fast from the MS boys and girls.

9:43 Glen Schofield of Sledgehammer Games takes the stage after the MW3 demo: ” We are honoured to work with Infinity Ward to create MW3. The most epic MW ever. It is truly humbling to be part of this game. We can’t wait for November 8th 2011.”

9:42 War torn cityscape does not .. though

9:42 Escaping the harbour in a nifty little dinghy. Looks fun.

9:41 Room clearing in slow-mo aboard an enemy submarine.

9:36 That dude…is Four Two Zero.

9:35 The dude controlling MW3 has his controller disconnect. Laughs from audience. Fail.

9:35 MW3 kicks off the MS event… green writing. Hushed voices. Now we’re seeing an underwater level.

9:00am – It’s half an hour until the MS event kicks off but we’re already hearing some fantastic news for Halo fans. Stay tuned.


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