New Personalized News Feed Goes Live at Raptr

New Personalized News Feed Goes Live at Raptr

Raptr has already made great strides in bringing gamers together on this little thing we like to call “The Internets” with their game tracking social network. Now, they’ve taken equal parts Reddit and Facebook to create a personalized news feed that tracks submitted stories and displays those that are relevant to your interests. The new feature has gone into live open beta.

As one of the partner sites in this new beta launch at Raptr, we’ve been given the privilege of having our own Marooners’ Rock topic page to give you a single page to show all Marooners’ Rock related submissions. Aside from our own topic page, each game and platform will have its own topic page gathering relevant submissions for a simple, specific, in-depth look at any single title, genre, platform, or site (like us!) that you could ever want.

Users are now able to submit links to news stories, reviews, and more in a dialogue box that is strikingly similar to the one used by Facebook. Once a story is submitted, the rest of the community can upvote or downvote the article to increase its prominence and relevance within its topics, similar to the community voting system found on Reddit.

Regarding the new update, Dennis Fong, CEO of Raptr, said:

At Raptr we’re reinventing the way people stay connected and informed about the games they care about. We’re excited by the launch of the new community-driven website because it builds upon the success of our existing service and provides a new way to discover and share content.

Make sure to follow our page on Raptr if you’re a member. If you’re not, sign up, because it’s a great way to keep track of all of your gaming statistics in one clean, social setting!

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