Review: Mortal Kombat Season Pass / Skarlet DLC (360)

Review: Mortal Kombat Season Pass / Skarlet DLC (360)

Looks like DLC passes might be the wave of the future. First Rockstar’s L.A. Noire, now Warner Bros. Mortal Kombat (you can read my review on the game here) is using this business model to sell DLC. The way it works is you buy the pass for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15 Bucks), and it gives you future DLC at a discounted rate. Without the pass, Skarlet, Rain, Kenshi, and a yet to be announced kombatant will cost you 400 Microsoft Points ($5 bucks) a piece. Each warrior will include their own Compatibility Pack (these are free to download for those who do not purchase the DLC), which will include two classic skins. The Season Pass is exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

My first download with the Season Pass was Skarlet, along with the Mortal Kombat 3 inspired skins for Sektor & Cyrax. In all my time with the game, I think I might have found my new favored kombatant. She’s fast, she’s brutal, and her moves are shockingly fantastic. She can, at will, turn into blood and perform a move similar to Scorpion’s teleport punch. She is armed with an assortment of knives and Kunai. Her moves have a very little amount of cool down, and can be spammed very quickly. She is an excellent fighter for anyone just starting out, as her combo’s are fairly simple and quite devastating. Her fatalities are the bloodiest I have seen in any Mortal Kombat to date.

Unfortunately, Skarlet is not a featured kombatant in the main plot of the Story Mode. She is, however, seen in the background with other warriors throughout it. My one wish was that the character would come with a small campaign to better explain her origin. NetherRealm did a phenomenal job with Mortal Kombat’s campaign, who wouldn’t want more? This doesn’t detract from the DLC or its price point. Had they offered more, they would have had to crank up the price.

The free Mortal Kombat 3 skins for Cyrax and Sektor that are included in the Compatibility Pack look fantastic! NetherRealm really paid a lot of attention to detail. They look just like the palette swapped cyber ninjas that I remember. It really is a nice piece of fan service and other developers should take note.

This new batch of DLC contains no new achievements / trophies, and it is unknown if any of the future installments will include any. I know that I was hoping for some new achievements to go after and found myself slightly disappointed at their absence.


Season Pass offers DLC at a discount,
Skarlet is such a great addition to the game,
MK3 Cyrax and Sektor are free & look great
No new achievements / trophies
97 out of 100

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