Review: Roxio Game Capture Device

Review: Roxio Game Capture Device

Everyone likes to brag about their gaming achievements. Everyone loves to tell Falstaff tales about how they took out four Borgia guards single-handedly using only their double hidden blades in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Everyone loves to tell big fish stories about a great racing win in SEGA Rally Online Arcade. Everyone loves to recount their legendary musical shooter performance in Child of Eden. Few, however, can actually substantiate their claims of performance. Certain PVR products are far too expensive for someone who just wants to grab some bragging clips, while others are just shoddy. Enter the Roxio Game Capture.

Got $100? Then you can get your proof. The Roxio Game Capture allows you to capture audio and video directly from your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 (and, though it’s not advertised, any other console that can output via component cables). Now, the Roxio Game Capture only captures in up to 480p. You’re not going to get ultra-high definition game captures or streams out of this. Still, even at 480p, the video quality is more than sufficient for non-professionals. Add on to that an extremely simple, yet powerful software suite, and $100 is a bargain.

First, the hardware. The Roxio Game Capture is incredibly easy to set up. You plug your console into the appropriate spots on the Game Capture, then output from the Game Capture to your TV via A/V and to your computer via USB. Everything is very clearly marked on the device, so there should be little to no confusion about how to get it installed and ready to capture. Additionally, the device itself is very small, sleek, and inconspicuous, so you don’t have to worry about finding too much space to set it up in.

As I said, the hardware does not capture in HD, only up to 480p. Now, for most people, I can’t see this being too big of a problem. It still comes out looking great at a much lower price. This, of course, really becomes a matter of opinion, though. While the lack of HD is only a minor issue for me, since it is marketed as a cheaper alternative to the expensive HD offerings that are available, I can understand it being a much larger issue for people who require (either through necessity or simple desire) full HD capture. I just want to share my mad skills with the world, so the lack of HD isn’t that big of a deal in my eyes.

Now, the software. The Roxio Game Capture software suite is simple. When you start the program, you are presented with two large buttons: Capture or Edit & Share. Clicking “Capture” brings up the capture software, which provides you with both basic options and advanced options, depending on your level of experience and your needs. Once you’re done, you can hit the “Edit & Share” option to bring up a very full-featured, yet easy to use editing and authoring application. Trim your file, add narration, rearrange your timeline, add effects/transitions, and more. Export your video or upload directly to YouTube, and you’re ready to brag.

The Roxio Game Capture is available now. For $99.99, you can grab your greatest gaming exploits on video for the world to bear witness to. While you can’t capture in HD, you can capture in a more than satisfactory 480p, which gets the job done, no doubt. The hardware is well constructed and low-profile, while the software is simple to use with a very high level of advanced functionality just waiting to be unlocked. It’s definitely worth the cost.


Cheap, easy, and a great software suite.No HD capture.
95 out of 100
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