Wesley Snipes Stars In New Episodic iOS Game

Wesley Snipes Stars In New Episodic iOS Game

Birthed deep within the Arctic Circle, Finland, comes a new episodic game that will change your iPad and iPhone forever. On August 11th the game’s first episode that is going to leave you at your boiling point will be released. Staring Wesley Snipes and developed by Lapland Studios in association with Elstree Studio Productions, Red 27 Films and Maandi Media Holdings presents Julius Styles: The International. Remember, always bet on black.

“The concept for Julius Styles: The International is an amalgamation of the ‘international spy, security specialist characters’ I’ve played in a couple of films,” said Wesley Snipes. “Except unlike previous characters I’ve played, who often have military special ops, spy backgrounds, I needed a twist for him. Thus, Julius Styles was born.”

The Assembly, a collective circle of businessmen that wish to funnel global funds into their own pockets like a money train, employs Julius Styles. He is an economic demolition man who is an expert in the art of war. He infiltrates organizations that would rather take the more shadow laden path and persuades them to make decisions that are right and just. He is unstoppable this side of the drop zone.

“What we have here is an incredible opportunity to take an international celebrity, whose film career is categorized by non-stop thrill rides, and turn it into an unbelievable iOS title,” said Ilkka Immonen, CEO of Lapland Studios. “Working with Wesley Snipes is an amazing experience for all of us here. We are huge fans of his movies and lending us his talents for the game makes for an unbelievably exciting time at Lapland.”

In isometric 3D style, Julius Styles: The International is the kind of adventure that one must use their wits to see just how far they will jump in this iOS action title. Gathering information, creating weaponry and solving puzzles will leave you feeling like Brooklyn’s finest.  Somebody wants Julius stopped for good; he must zig zag around their dastardly plans. Just how far will Julius make it in this game of death?

“This game will expand on the cool, sexy, diverse sometimes scary, and often bizarre world and people I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with.” Says Wesley Snipes, “I love games that challenge my mind and reflexes. Julius Styles pits your street knowledge survival skills with your academic intellect and spiritual intuition. The feature film is going to be a blast!”

The first episodic adventure staring will be in the App Store for iPhone and iPad on August 11th, 2011 where later it looks to expand to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace, Sony’s PSN Store, Nintendo’s Wiiware and the Android Market at an as-yet-announced date. Any true fan of Wesley Snipes will truly want to own this. For more info check out Lapland Studios‘ website.

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