Word to Your Moogle Contest Kicks Off, Kupo!

Word to Your Moogle Contest Kicks Off, Kupo!

Those who visit Square Enix’s booth at a few upcoming major conventions will be able to participate in the “Word to Your Moogle” contest for the chance to win various goodies, including signed copies of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

So let’s run through this contest first, shall we? For those who want to participate, simply visit Square Enix’s booth and simply play the Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo. After playing the demo participants will receive a button with a single letter on it along with the rules. From there participants must break out of their reclusive shells and seek out others with buttons and form words with their group (the more words your group can form, the better). At the end of each day Square Enix will announce the Word of the Day and those in the group who spell that word win a variety of prizes, including 50% off of merchandise at Square Enix’s booth, official contest shirts and–the shiny pretty prize–signed copies of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The contest kicks off tomorrow at Comic-Con in San Diego, CA. Square Enix will be set up in Hall D in Booth #3829 and will run the duration of the convention. Square Enix will be at it again August 26-28 at PAX in Seattle as well at Comic-Con in New York City October 13-16.

For leaderboards and more information on contest rules and dates please check out the “Word to Your Moogle” Web page.

Now go forth, play a demo, equip a button and frolic about conventions forming words.

Good Luck, Kupo!

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