Anarchy Reigns Character Bio: Garuda

Anarchy Reigns Character Bio: Garuda

With a new character reveal yesterday being swiftly followed by a new character reveal today, one could start hoping that we’re on a new streak of character reveals for Platinum Games’ cyborg-laden button masher, Anarchy Reigns! Today’s character reveal, the tenth so far, introduces us to Garuda.

Garuda reminds me a great deal of Big Bull, and is likely going to be one of the big tank characters in the game. At 8’5″ and 2,668 lbs (2.6m / 1210kb), this android certainly fits the physical requirements. His “Tornado Drill” is definitely melee focused, being giant drills attached to his hands for added impact and…drill. Add his ability to apparently transform into a vehicle of some kind, and suddenly you’re not playing Anarchy Reigns anymore, but Transformers: Beat the Crap Out of Puny Humans, which is pretty awesome.

I’m totally going to play as Garuda and talk like Starscream while wailing on my opponents.

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