Review: Leedmees (XBLA)

Review: Leedmees (XBLA)

Lemmings was a ridiculously simple, yet classic game. You had the Lemmings, whose sole purpose was to travel from their origin on the map to an exit point. Your goal in Lemmings was to clear their path in a way that got them to their destination safely and in one piece. Leedmees is Lemmings, and in that respect it is not particularly original. What makes Leedmees original is the WAY you accomplish the unoriginal goal. Leedmees, as a Kinect game, makes you the method of support.

Similar to Hole in the Wall, Leedmees uses Kinect to recognize player poses, which can result in picking Leedmees up, moving them around, or creating bridges and paths for them. While the Kinect recognition is good, for the most part, the design of the game does result in some issues. Primarily, leaning forward at all seems to confuse the Kinect, resulting in a wildly flailing character on screen. If you need to duck, make sure you keep your torso vertical, and don’t lean forward to do it.

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The graphics and sound are whimsical. Visually, the game has simple foregrounds with beautiful backgrounds. There’s a very hand-drawn, artistic feel to the characters, the background, and the environment in general that makes this delightful to look at. The music will burrow deep into your brain, lay eggs, and destroy you from within. It’s catchy, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

Leedmees is a quirky puzzler that, at its worst, may end up giving you a sore back and tired arms and, at its best, may end up entertaining you and your friends. With over 50 single player levels and 12 two player co-op levels, you’re pretty much getting your 800MSP worth, especially if you replay to improve your results. If you love original, quirky games, and have a Kinect, Leedmees is a worthy addition to your game library.


Occasional trouble
with recognition
80 out of 100

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