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UPDATE: Scrum Up In Rugby World Cup 2011 (PSN)

UPDATE: Scrum Up In Rugby World Cup 2011 (PSN)

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Commentors Josh, ductongue, and jeffreynguyen and Twitter users @ramdomwolf and @brianimdiesel have won the five Rugby World Cup 2011 PSN codes! Thank you all for participating, and keep your eyes open for more contests!

If you’re not familiar with the sport of Rugby, imagine a more physical version of American Football. Now remove some of the rules of American Football. Now remove all of the safety gear and padding of American Football. Now that you have a little more of an appreciation for just how awesome Rugby is, why not play it yourself?

HA, please, I’m about as far from suggesting that you step away from your computer and play a ridiculously rough contact sport as Uwe Boll is from making a critically acclaimed video game movie adaptation. Right now, in New Zealand, the Rugby World Cup is under way. Concurrently, Rugby World Cup 2011 has been released for Xbox 360 and PSN at a $49.99 price point.

Want a copy?

We have five PSN download codes for full versions of Rugby World Cup 2011, and all you have to do is record your very own Haka!

Alternatively, of course, you could just leave a comment letting us know which team you’re rooting for to win the Rugby World Cup this year.

You know, whatever.

Once you’ve done that, since we’re feeling so kind and generous, you can earn additional entries. How? Well, tweet to your friends this message and earn 1 entry:

I just entered @Marooners_Rock’s #Scrumdiddlyumptious contest to win a copy of Rugby World Cup 2011, and you can too! Details:

If you’re really wanting to win, and you find that you love us and can’t live without us, go ahead and Like our Facebook Page! Those who are already FB friends with us let us know and we’ll still count that.

If you’re REALLY REALLY wanting to win, recording a full Haka of your own will earn you three additional entries.

This contest starts NOW. Deadline for entry is Thursday, September 22, at 11:59pm PST. Winners will be chosen on the morning of Friday, September 23 using, as always,

Only one comment entry or Haka recording per person is allowed, and Twitter entries can only be done once daily. This is to prevent unfair advantages for people with a lot of time on their hands.

Good luck, and put some passion into your Haka!

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