Resident Evil 6: It’s a Secret to Everybody

Resident Evil 6: It’s a Secret to Everybody

It’s been over two and a half years since Capcom graced us with Resident Evil 5 (although some fans will disagree with it being a grace), and I believe it’s about time for some new information. Unfortunately, Capcom doesn’t exactly feel the same way, and all information regarding the sixth installment in the long running survival horror series has been shrouded in a heavy blanket of mystery. I’ve decided to go ahead and compile all (that I’m aware of) of the rumors, facts, and lies regarding the upcoming game in this one article. Hopefully, we will soon have more tangible facts instead of speculation.

The Truth

For starters, Resident Evil 6 is indeed being developed right now, although it hasn’t been officially announced by Capcom. How do I know this? Because people are putting their involvement with the game on their resumés. The most recent resume unearthed shows that a woman provided voice work as a “Chinese Villager/Zombie” for Resident Evil 6. This is very informative as it leads to speculation that the latest game will take place in a Chinese setting. This is possible since Resident Evil 5 took place in Africa and Resident Evil 4 took place somewhere in Europe (possibly Spain or a similar Spanish country).

The Rumors

The most recent rumor is the one presented in the above paragraph: it will take place in China. This is a very likely setting, in my opinion. Another rumor is that it could be take up to eight years to develop, according to Masachika Kawata, who produced Resident Evil 5. This is quite a long development time for a game, although nowhere near as long as Duke Nukem Forevers development period. Another rumor among fans is that the game will be a reboot of the series, seeing as how Wesker is dead, although I doubt this will turn out to be true. Capcom has told 1UP that Resident Evil 5 will be “the last of it’s kind,” although I don’t think this means that Resident Evil 6 will be a reboot of the series. Resident Evil 6 is said to incredibly scary and will be returning to what made the original games great (I assume that this means no live action cutscenes), according to a discussion between EGM and a anonymous source. So Resident Evil 6 could possibly be a reboot in terms of gameplay and content, but most likely not a reboot of the storyline.

Are we going to see more of this?

The Lies

A logo reveal was leaked earlier this year at a closed Capcom conference, with a date for more information. The date was September 15th, 2011, which was the date that a teaser trailer for the upcoming game was also leaked, this time from the Tokyo Game Show although it was later confirmed to be a fake. I was fooled, along with several other fans; the video seemed very real. IGN editor Rich George announced later on, though, that several contacts at Capcom had stated that it was a fake. I’ve posted the fake trailer below, just in case you’re curious. The coordinates at the the end of the video point to Thunder Bay, Ontario, and the video seems to suggest that the planet is experiencing a biohazard epidemic of some kind (well, it would if it wasn’t fake).

What are your thoughts on the series, and the rumors and truths of Resident Evil 6?

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