I Miss My GBA Games, Nintendo

I Miss My GBA Games, Nintendo

When the Wii came out, one of the things I was excited about more than anything else (except for the ability to play Twilight Princess) was the Virtual Console. I had always dreamed of playing the games that I missed out on in my childhood, and the Virtual Console was going to help me rectify my mistakes. I could now play Super Metroid, Paper Mario, Yoshi’s Story, Super Mario 64 (before hate comments start flowing in, I had a PlayStation growing up) and other classics. I was beyond excited, although the fact that it took almost three years to release The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is somewhat unforgivable. I quickly downloaded several gems to add to my collection, and I became content. Then when I heard that the 3DS was going to have its own Virtual Console for Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, I was ecstatic. I could barely control my joy, and then I realized that Game Boy Advance games were not headed to the Virtual Console and went into a deep, dark depression (Read: not really).

I must now ask this question, Nintendo: Why? Why would you forsake me? Really, though, why on Earth can you not release Game Boy Advance games for the 3DS? I know that the device can handle it; I was one of the lucky few to qualify for the Ambassador program. But ten games are not enough, and I’m going to assume that the general public is behind me on this, considering that you can only get those ten games if you purchased a 3DS and logged onto the eShop before August 12th. So the majority of people are going to be missing out on some great games. At least I get Metroid Fusion for free, which is by far my favorite GBA game ever, but, unfortunately, it won’t be available to everyone who owns a 3DS. And then there’s the fact that there are only ten games availible for 3DS Ambassadors. I want more than that. So far, only five games have been announced, and none of them are The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap or Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, so I’m feeling a little upset.


Of course, I do get ten free Game Boy Advance games. But that isn’t enough, and only certain people can get them. So what are your thoughts on this whole thing? What Game Boy Advance games would you like to see appear on the 3DS’ Virtual Console?

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