Mad Catz Holiday Heads-Up

Mad Catz Holiday Heads-Up

As a disclaimer, we won’t have reviews for the products up until next week at the earliest, so don’t read these as recommendations, necessarily. Think of them more as a heads-up for products you may not have been aware of. To date, I haven’t had any problems with Mad Catz products, so they have managed to build a reputation for reliability so far, but there’s always a first time, so just be aware that these products exist, and that reviews will be forthcoming. That being said, with the holiday season upon us, it’s time to splurge and buy gifts not only for your friends and family, but for yourself! Here are a few of the items that Mad Catz has prepared for this holiday season…

Mad Catz Rock Band 3 Bundle

Are you a latecomer to Rock Band 3? Have you been interested, but never taken the plunge? With more and more content being released for the Rock Band 3 platform, there’s a veritable plethora of music to play with your friends locally or online. Mad Catz is providing a few guitar and bass bundles for you this season. Running from $69.99 for a standard guitar/bass controller bundle to $149.99 for a pro instrument bundle, the Rock Band 3 package also includes codes for five Red Hot Chili Peppers song downloads (Californication, Otherside, By The Way, Under the Bridge, and The Adventures of Raindance Maggie). An instrument (standard or pro), a popular and versatile game, and five free songs is a great way to start getting into musical multiplayer.

Mad Catz Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Do you feel the need? The need for speed? Are you a fan of driving/racing games, but not a fan of controlling a vehicle with a standard controller? Do you want something that feels more natural, and gives you a more realistic driving/racing control experience? A racing wheel is the way to go, then. But which racing wheel? There are so many, and some of them are absolute garbage. Mad Catz is offering up their Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel this year. At $249.99, the price tag is definitely on the steep side when compared to other racing wheels, like Microsoft’s. The Mad Catz WFFRW (it’s easier than continually saying Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel) has a very sturdy frame, featuring all metal construction. Unlike Microsoft’s wheel, this wheel includes a mount for table top placement. Additionally, a removable gear shift is included to further simulate a realistic driving experience.

Mad Catz First Person Shooter Gamepad

Do you have trouble with shooters? Alternatively, are you a fan of shooters looking for an extra edge in competitive online play? Mad Catz has a wired controller specifically designed for shooters. The FPS Pro GamePad includes “Combat Buttons” on the back side of the controller. The controller’s face buttons can be remapped to these “Combat Buttons” on the back of the gamepad, meaning that your trigger finger can rest more easily on your rat-a-tat-tat.

Mad Catz MLG Arcade Fightstick

One of the key features at MLG tournaments is the fighting game. Fighters can be played with controllers, but there’s always a distinct advantage given to those who play with and master fightsticks. True to the fighting game’s arcade roots, a fightstick provides you with a comfortable array of attack buttons and a sensitive joystick with a much better range and accuracy than a standard controller. A fightstick is the way to play a fighting game, and a MLG Fightstick is a well recognized fightstick. With genuine Sanwa Denshi arcade components, the MLG Fightstick was specifically designed for pro gamers, and is a customized version of the award winning Arcade Fighstick. At $159.99, it’s a pricey fightstick, but that price gives you accuracy and advantage.

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