Review: Pictionary: Ultimate Edition (360)

Review: Pictionary: Ultimate Edition (360)

I have made recent mention of my incredible lack of artistic talent. That has not changed in the short time between that mention and this reminder. This supercharged deficiency makes a game like Pictionary particularly frustrating for anyone unlucky enough to be paired with me, and particularly satisfying and entertaining for anyone lucky enough to be positioned against me. So what game do I decide to play? Why, Pictionary: Ultimate Edition for use with the uDraw Tablet! Seems like a great idea, to me.

If you’ve never played Pictionary, the concept is simple. Your party is broken into two-person teams. One person on the team will be tasked with drawing a representation of a clue, and the other person on the team will be tasked with guessing what the clue is. If successful, the team advances on the board. This continues until one team reaches the end of the board, and thus the end of the game. Pictionary: Ultimate Edition contains both the standard video game edition of Pictionary as well as a mode that throws lots of curveballs at you. Ready to draw your clue? OH WAIT, your drawing controls are reversed. Ok, now you can draw your massive mush of squiggly lines and odd angles that you intended to be an apple. Aside from the standard challenge of interpreting one person’s visual representation of an object into another person’s perception of said representation, this additional mode challenges you further by making the simple premise something you have to work towards.

Hey, I made a Pictionary drawing for you. The category of the clue is Literature:

If someone manages to guess this in the comments, I will be truly impressed, because it’s absolute garbage (reinforcing my earlier points regarding my lack of talent as an artist).

And that’s pretty much it. I mean, it’s Pictionary…as a video game. There’s not really much else to say about it.

If you don’t have any friends, and nobody likes playing with you, being near you, or having anything to do with you, then Pictionary is definitely not for you, since it doesn’t allow you to play all by your lonesome (unless you play all sides).  If you have friends, etc., but don’t like Pictionary…then Pictionary is still definitely not for you. If you have friends, and like Pictionary, but your friends are unwilling or unable to make regular trips to your house to play Pictionary…nope. The perfect storm for this game is an individual with friends who are conveniently located and willing to spend regular time at his or her house in a rousing game of drawing and guessing.


Good basic concepts of Pictionary are present.No solo mode, which means you have to have...friends.
Requires uDraw game tablet peripheral, so if you JUST
want Pictionary, it's the cost of Pictionary AND a uDraw
85 out of 100

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