Review: Soft Kitty Singing Plush

Can you sing Soft Kitty? The catchy tune that Sheldon’s mother, and later, Sheldon’s neighbor Penny, would sing to him when he was sick has become yet another in a long line of memorable sitcom songs based on cats, following in the august footsteps of Friends’ quirky ditty, “Smelly Cat,” and…well, there’s probably another weird song about cats from another sitcom. Just because I don’t know about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist somewhere.

Now, thanks to ThinkGeek’s intrepid entrepreneurship and The Big Bang Theory’s marketing efforts, you can bring Soft Kitty to your sick, gross, phlegm-monster aid in a cute, cuddly form. The Soft Kitty singing plush, priced at $29.99, is a great way of showing your loved one this holiday season that you really care, even when they’re infected with contagious DEATH. Or a cold. Whatever.

At the push of a paw, this soft kitty will sing its namesake tune, lulling your loved ones into the warm and comfortable sleep of someone who knows they are cared for. The cute smile on the soft kitty’s face will remind your loved ones to be brave and smile in the face of danger (and snot), while the cuddly nature of the plush will provide them with something to squeeze when the sneezes rack their frail, disease-ridden bodies. For non-fans of The Big Bang Theory who simply want a cute singing plush, it may be priced about $10 too high, but in spite of the easily felt sound/battery box within the soft kitty’s belly, fans of the show can’t miss owning this piece. Make sure you have it in time to comfort your loved ones as they come down with the holiday flu!

Just remember, Soft Kitty is only for when you’re sick (injured and drugged is a kind of sick, I guess).


It is a soft kitty.
Good volume to the song.
The sound/battery box can be easily felt
in the belly of the soft kitty.
90 out of 100

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