Agent 47 makes his way to the printed page again in Hitman: Damnation

Agent 47 makes his way to the printed page again in Hitman: Damnation

I’ve always thought that the Hitman series of video games would lend themselves well to novelization. The aspects of patience, detail, and attention in Hitman would make for great suspense on the page. Apparently I wasn’t alone in this thought, since 2007 saw the release of a Hitman novel, Hitman: Enemy Within. Enemy Within took place between the events of  the Hitman video game series entries Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and Hitman: Blood Money, and revealed new details about Agent 47 and the Hitman universe. Now, five years later, Agent 47 returns in print form with Hitman: Damnation.

Hitman: Damnation takes place between Hitman: Blood Money and Agent 47’s upcoming digital adventure, Hitman: Absolution. This creates a great leapfrog pattern from game to book to game to book to game which should only serve to built a stronger universe and character upon the release of the new video game entry in the property. It will be written by Raymond Benson, whose credits include six original James Bond novels, three James Bond film novelizations, two Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell books, and a tie-in novel for Homefront. Bond and Splinter Cell, to me, are great experience coming in to a Hitman novelization.

Hitman: Damnation is set to release this summer.

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