New NeverDead Screens Appear

New NeverDead Screens Appear

With one week to go before the demon-slaying adventure of mortality-challenged Bryce Botlzmann makes its way to our consoles, Konami has tossed some more screenshots our way. The full-of-possibilities dynamic of immortality in this game provide you with the potential for creative exploration and combat. Throw your gun-toting arm behind enemies and fire at them remotely, causing confusion and damage simultaneously. Toss your severed head into a remote location to perform reconnaissance or open up new map areas.

Just make sure your severed head doesn’t get eaten.

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157629015621611″ items=”20″]

As you can see in the screenshots, we get a good look at Bryce and his magical appendages. From a regenerating arm to the ability to play basketball anywhere, anytime, without having to lug around a pesky…ball…NeverDead is looking like it’ll be…heads and shoulders above the competition.


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