Steam Mobile Beta Impressions (Android)

Steam Mobile Beta Impressions (Android)

Steam is making its way to the mobile arena on both of the major mobile platforms of the day, iOS and Android. You’ve heard how it looks on iOS, and now, thanks to my friend (and former writer for the site) Austin, you’ll get a chance to hear how it stacks up on an Android device.

From Austin (the person, not the city):

Much faster and more streamlined than using a browser on your phone.
Chat works quite well, and doesn’t have any real delay. Faster than most SMS relays even.  Nothing to complain about here. đŸ˜€
I don’t know about power users, but on my old Orig Droid, with its dying battery, I noticed no change in battery life. Maybe 5%.
Multitasking enabled.

So far, no support for sorting your wishlist.
Can require tapping refresh to load things (menus, lists, etc.), but not always (likely just a bug).

Should Add
Smartphone games and content would be a nice addition, and I would like to be able to trade via the app. Other things I would like to see are likely to come out later when Steam’s actual client updates to offer in-game streaming, video sharing, and other similar features.  Viewing streamed gameplay via the mobile app would definitely be a great addition.

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