Binary Domain Demo Arriving This Week

Binary Domain Demo Arriving This Week

Binary Domain, SEGA’s squad based shooter for 360 and PS3, will be arriving at the end of this month. For those of you who want to get an early look at how the game will play and what you can expect from it, the demo will be made available this week for you to get your hands dirty. Playstation 3 users can expect the demo to be available tomorrow, while Xbox 360 users will have to wait an extra agonizing 24 hours for the demo to be available (that means Wednesday).

Aside from looking like a really entertaining game, Binary Domain does one thing that I find very surprising: it actually looks to be releasing on schedule according to the E3 2011 defined release date! Along with the single player experience, Binary Domain comes with a competitive multiplayer mode that includes team based combat, objective combat, and free for all combat with your friends online. Look out, Halo (because you’re not that good anymore, hey-o!). Check out the multiplayer trailer and let us know if you’re as interested and excited as we are!

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