Calibur11 Reveals Mass Effect 3 Vault

Calibur11 Reveals Mass Effect 3 Vault

Limited to a run of 25,000 numbered units, Calibur11 is perhaps unwittingly responsible for what future Internet historians will refer to as “The Great Nerd Rage of 2012,” a major topic of discussion and consternation in future-students Early 21st Century Formative Events history classes. I can only hope against hope that those future-people will be excellent to each other, in much the same way that the Calibur11 Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition Vault looks to be shaping up into a very nice package (that’s what she said).

Now, most of you are familiar with the Calibur11 Vault series of hardware accessories. Primarily designed to increase airflow to your console, the Vault helps keep your system cooler, which keeps your system running faster and longer. On top of that, the Vault sports a controller/headset cradle/hanger to rest your favorite controller/headset on when not in use. It does all of this from within a chestplate of Commander Shepard’s armor, further accentuated by an LED-lit N7 logo.

Did I mention that the Mass Effect 3 Vault also includes in-game bonus multi-player items for Mass Effect 3? No? Well it does.

If you’re interested, get your pre-orders in soon, because this device becomes available March 1st, just a few days before Mass Effect 3 makes its way to your console tray.

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