Fantastic Four: Season One Now Available

Fantastic Four: Season One Now Available

I remember recess being one of the highlights of the day when I was but a mischievous little lad in elementary school. We would run out to the field in a direct line to what we referred to as the “big toy,” and disappear. In our places, the superheroes we loved and adored became reality, battling each other around our “big toy” in clashes of epic proportion that would be spoken of in hushed tones for years to come. There were four of us back then: Shawn, Chris W, Chris L, and me…or Snake Eyes, Batman, Wolverine, and Mr. Fantastic. Invariably, our battles ended in arguments about who would win between our respective heroes.

Now, over two decades later, let me make it perfectly clear to the three of you: MR. FANTASTIC WINS.

I was a bit of a Fantastic Four fanboy, you see, and none of them earned my respect more than the impervious super-genius, Reed Richards. Let me rephrase. I was, and still am, a bit of a Fantastic Four fanboy, you see… Why resort to constant brute force when you can out-think your enemies? He was a genius who went home with the incredibly hot girl and had a close knit family who he loved, and who loved him. Now, Fantastic Four: Season One is available as a hardcover for purchase at comic shops everywhere and digitally on the Marvel Comics app for $24.99.

Childhood, I welcome you with open arms.

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