Info Dump: Shoot Many Robots

Info Dump: Shoot Many Robots

I like shooting robots. One of my favorite shooters of all time was 2010’s Vanquish, which primarily consists of shooting robots or humans enhanced by robotics. You may all be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, but I’m prepared for the far more likely robot uprising. You can understand, then, the anticipation I feel for any game that lets me wail on robots or creatures enhanced by robotics. Shoot Many Robots is such a game, where the entire goal is to shoot robot after robot after robot after robot after…you get the idea.

And, out of curiosity, exactly what kind of robots will I be shooting? GLAD YOU ASKED!

Hot Rod, a large, mobile gatling gun. Hummer, a hovering rocket noob. Gasbag, a giant floating death trap. Six-Pack, a robot infested robot with heavy armor. Dirt Screw, a reject from Tremors. These are my enemies. These are my victims.

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