Mass Effect 3 Demo Available Today

Mass Effect 3 Demo Available Today

In an effort to ruin as many relationships as possible on Valentine’s Day, Bioware released the demo for Mass Effect 3 today on Xbox LIVE, PSN and PC. The demo features the all-out attack by the Reapers on Earth, as well as a single-player mission from late in the game.

All three play modes will be available in the demo. “Action” is a combat-focused approach that allows for players to set the tone of the decisions made during the cut-scenes;  “Story,” which focuses on the conversations and developments of the characters and scales back the combat difficulty; and “Role Playing,” a more “classic” Mass Effect experience that blends both modes. Xbox 360 owners also have access to the Kinect voice functionality.

The demo will also sample the new multiplayer mode, a source of controversy among the community. That portion will unlock on February 17th, although those that activated the co-op codes from Battlefield 3 will be able to play today.

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