Nexuiz Coming to XBLA for House Party 2012

Nexuiz Coming to XBLA for House Party 2012

2012’s Microsoft XBLA House Party jumps into gear today. Nexuiz, originally a PC title, but recently reworked by THQ into a console title using the CryEngine from Crytek, will be making its way to House Party consoles in two weeks, on February 29th, as the third entry in this year’s event. At 800MSP, this title is tied with EA’s Warp, which was first out of the gate today, for the cheapest House Party title of the event.

Today, a trailer and screenshots make their way to your screens to build up a bit of anticipation for the first-person arena style shooter. If there’s any doubt about the potential for success in a downloadable first person online shooter, just play Section 8: Prejudice and see how good they can really be.

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