Rocksmith Adding Classic Pearl Jam Tracks

Rocksmith Adding Classic Pearl Jam Tracks

I have mentioned this multiple times on this site, but while I may have been born in the very early 80’s, I am a child of the 90’s. I wore wallet chains, baggy shorts that were so long they may as well have been pants, and I was rarely ever without my backwards cap. It was a simpler time, with great style, great games, and great music. Pearl Jam was huge in the 90’s, and while they may have gone downhill considerably from what I consider their peak era, it has no chance of diminishing the impact they had on me when I was but a wee 90’s grunge/skater poster boy.

Now, Rocksmith is bringing two classic Pearl Jam tracks to its repertoire: Black and Jeremy. Ah, Jeremy. Eddie’s undulating, gruff power in the song have made it one of the most memorably songs to come out of a decade of fantastic music (to be clear, not ALL music from the 90’s was fantastic. I’m looking at you, Lyte Funky Ones).

You know you’re going to be wailing out the lyrics to these as you play them. I know I will. Both tracks are available today on PSN and XBLA for $2.99 and 240MSP each, respectively.

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