Star Trek Game Moved to Q1 2013

Star Trek Game Moved to Q1 2013

I LOVE STAR TREK. I love Star Wars, but I LOVE STAR TREK. I love Firefly, but I LOVE STAR TREK. I love Stargate, but I LOVE STAR TREK. When I discovered that the Paramount appointment my darling wife Lindsey had on her schedule for last year’s E3 was primarily for a new Star Trek game, I traded her any of my appointments that she wanted to get my ass in that chair. I can’t recall which appointment I gave up to go see Star Trek, but I’ll tell you this: whatever it was, it was absolutely worth it. Do you know why? BECAUSE I LOVE STAR TREK.

I was beyond excited to play as Kirk and Spock this year in what looked to me to be an absolutely fantastic co-op experience. Unfortunately, the “summer 2012″ that we were told to expect back at E3 2011 is no longer the target. Star Trek, being developed by Digital Extremes under the auspices of Namco Bandai and Paramount Pictures, will be making its way to our consoles and PCs in the first quarter of 2013, nearer to the release date of the second film in the new, rebooted Star Trek universe.

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You know what I was going to do this summer? I was going to quit my job and spend every waking moment until I passed out from sleep deprivation playing Star Trek. THANKS FOR RUINING MY SUMMER.

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