The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Arrives!

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Arrives!

In the words of the 60’s cartoon of Spidey, “WALLOPING WEBSNAPPERS!”

I mean, wow. I am impressed. This has managed to alleviate my doubts about this film.

The  new movie, for those of you who don’t know yet, is a reboot of the Spidey franchise, starring Andrew Garfield (The Social Network, Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus) as Peter Parker and Emma Stone (Zombieland, Easy A) as Gwen Stacy. The focus of this film is more about Peter’s past, with his disappeared parents and the questions he has about them leading him to OsCorp and Doctor Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), and an inevitable confrontation with his alter ego, the Lizard.

Well, I’m going to just break down what I noticed in this trailer.

– More real stunts as well as CG stuff.

– Denis Leary is playing Captain George Stacy as less of a supporter of Spidey (something that made Stacy stand out in the comics compared to other authority figures Spidey met) and more of an Inspector Javert-type. This is going to really make the relationship between Peter and Gwen strained, and if they do kill him off like in the comics, it’ll be a wedge that’ll be interesting to see play out.

– The Lizard seems to resemble his older appearances, where he looked more like a scale-covered man than just a giant lizard in a lab coat. I’m interested if this version will also follow his older appearances when he’d have insane plans for conquest instead just being a savage animal.

– Webshooters. They’re mechanical, and it shows Peter’s genius that he built it.

– Peter’s science background seems to be more at play here than in previous films. Hopefully, we’ll see him combine that with his unstoppable willpower during the climax.


I’m now even more psyched for the summer, and I’m starting to wonder which will be the big superhero movie during that cinematic period: this, Avengers, or Dark Knight Rises.

Ahmed is not just a fanboy, but also a martial artist and an indie author who has published such fantasy adventure books as “Lunen: Triblood”.

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