Trailer: Trials Evolution

Trailer: Trials Evolution

One of the best examples of quality in a downloadable game is Trials HD. The physics gameplay is fantastic, giving your motorbike a great feeling of weight, while the controls allow you to control that weight masterfully. As you spin your way through the perilous obstacle courses, you get a feeling reminiscent of your first time playing a classic like Excitebike. Now, Trials Evolution is going to take that even further.

Trials Evolution features a level of advancement and progression that is difficult to find in a sequel. From adding multiplayer racing to a level editor that made me exclaim “Holy shit!” upon seeing it in the trailer, Trials Evolution is a true evolution of Trials HD, and is something to look forward to without a doubt. Creating your own levels goes beyond simply playing them locally. Player created levels will be downloadable across the platform.

The game has no official release date yet, as it is still awaiting certification.

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