Ubisoft Presents Five Vita Launch Titles

Ubisoft Presents Five Vita Launch Titles

With the PlayStation Vita releasing next week in the US, launch titles are starting to make their presence known. Ubisoft, coming off of a fantastic 2011 and looking forward to a great 2012, has five offerings for Vita launch buyers. Their strong starting offering line up consists of Rayman Origins (the best platformer of 2011, the best platformer on the current generation of hardware, and just one of the best platformers ever), Michael Jackson: The Experience, Asphalt: Injection, Dungeon Hunter Alliance, and Lumines Electronic Symphony. All of these titles are available for purchase today.

First up, Asphalt: Injection. Asphalt: Injection brings handheld arcade racing to the PlayStation Vita with dual stick, gyroscopic, and back panel controls taking you through ten event types and a career mode with over 100 races.

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Dungeon Hunter Alliance is the first action RPG title making its way to the PlayStation Vita system. You can play through on your own or with up to three friends online as you explore the “gothic” world of the villain…”Gothicus.”

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Lumines Electronic Symphony is yet another title from Q Entertainment being published by Ubisoft. Their 2011 masterpiece, Child of Eden, was absolutely spectacular, and I have no doubt that the mix of awesome music and great puzzles will make Lumines Electronic Symphony a blast.

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Michael Jackson: The Experience was a great way to step into the shoes of one of the greatest performers the world has ever seen. Now making its way to the PS Vita with 15 Michael Jackson experiences, this title will attempt to bring dancing to a mobile platform.

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Rayman Origins. Ah, one of the best titles of 2011, and of recent memory, makes its way to the Vita platform so that you can enjoy the adventures of Rayman and his group of friends as they fight to save their world from darkness from anywhere you happen to be. If you only get one Vita title, try to make it this one, simply based on the quality of the platform version.

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