Amazing Spider-Man – Iguana Arrives

Amazing Spider-Man – Iguana Arrives

With each passing day, we come closer and closer to the return of Spider-Man in an open New York City environment. As we approach June 26th, we continue to get looks at Spider-Man, New York City, and the villains we will face in Beenox’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man. Last month, we saw a reimagined Rhino as the first entry in Spider-Man’s stable of villains. Now, we see Iguana arrive to give Spidey even more to deal with.

Originally named “Iggy,” Iguana was a test iguana in Curt Connors lab. So yes, the Lizard created the Iguana.

Screenshots, character art, and renders:

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The Iguana reveal trailer:

Along with the visual feast, Iguana comes with a developer Q&A of his own, answered by Beenox Art Director, Moise Breton:

How is Iguana different in the video game than the comic books?

In The Amazing Spider-Man videogame, Iguana has been re-imagined to be more animalistic than its comic book counterpart. The visual approach is less cartoony, which makes for really interesting details. He is also permanently mutated and does not return to his original form during the day. Therefore, he must hide in the dark corners of Manhattan in his effort to survive.

Why did you decide to go with a different version of the character?

In the spirit of the film reboot, we’re taking a more realistic and grounded approach to the game, including the characters and villains. We also wanted to have a clear separation between the Lizard and Iguana.  While you can still feel the humanity behind the Lizard, Iguana is purely a genetic experiment gone wrong.

What more can you tell us about Iguana?

In the game, Iguana uses his scream in order to influence or mind control other creatures affected by the cross-species virus. That makes him unique among the other villains in the game, and Spidey will have to tap into his creativity to figure out how to defeat Iguana.

What are Iguana’s motivations?

One of the most basic motivations of all: survival. Like the other cross-species in the game, he has escaped from Oscorp and is being hunted down. Besides, everybody knows that crocodiles and iguanas and such live in Manhattan’s sewer system, right?

What is new and exciting about this version of Iguana?

His re-imagined appearance: he looks great and fierce with broken restraints still clamped on his arms and legs and very detailed scaly skin. He also has the ability to control cross-species around him in which makes for an interesting encounter…

Comic Book Stats

  • Universe: Marvel Universe
  • Real name: Inapplicable
  • Identity: No dual identity
  • Citizenship: None
  • Place of birth: Miramar, Florida
  • First appearance: Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #32 (1979)
  • Occupation: Laboratory test subject

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