Arcade Next Starting April 18th

Arcade Next Starting April 18th

First, there was Summer of Arcade. With the success of the Summer of Arcade promotion, Microsoft threw their first annual House Party. Now, it seems that a third event is being introduced with some big titles in the mix. Arcade Next, as it’s being called, kicks off April 18th and sees a new top notch title released each week through May 9th. What sets this event apart? It seems that this event will debut the new 400 achievement point limit for arcade games, and up to 30 achievements each.

So what titles can you expect to pick up in Arcade Next?

  • Trials Evolution – 1200MSP – April 18 – Trials Evolution is the highly anticipated follow-up to the highly acclaimed Trials HD. Excitebike, eat your heart out.
  • Bloodforge – 1200MSP – April 25 – This one came out of nowhere for me. It seems to be a high quality visual bloodbath, but I have no idea what the gameplay is like from the trailer.
  • Fable Heroes – 800MSP – May 2 – I’m a sucker for the Fable games, so this one is probably going to end up being a must-buy for me. It features a very cartoonish style while providing up to four players (local or online) with the ability to hack and slash their way through the world, earning coins that can be imported into the upcoming Fable: The Journey.
  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition – 1600MSP – May 9 – The 1600MSP price tag for Minecraft worries me, given that there are a wide range of competing titles on XBLIG that range from 80MSP to 240MSP. I’m also worried for the potential top tier pricing of XBL going from 1200MSP to 1600MSP. Regardless, Minecraft has become a major geek phenomenon, and its arrival on XBLA has been greatly anticipated.

Take a quick look at each of these games in the Arcade Next trailer:

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