Awesomenauts Split Screen Trailer

Awesomenauts Split Screen Trailer

When a game has the word “awesome” in its title, like Awesomenauts does, it’s setting a very high expectation in its target audience. That’s like if I called myself “Chrawesome” instead of “Chris.” There would be a definite expectation of awesomeness whenever I happened to be around (which I must say, I totally live up to even without having “awesome” in my name). In much the same way, Awesomenauts is setting itself up as an awesome experience, and one can only hope that it lives up to that.

With up to six players battling it out online, Awesomenauts lets you share the fun locally, allowing three local players to join into an online game. This, for me, is awesome, because I love playing online, but I also love playing games with my wife at the same time. Most of the time, it’s either local multiplayer or online multiplayer, not both. The inclusion of local/online multiplayer is very welcome and, dare I say it…awesome.

Check out the recently released split-screen trailer below to see the multiplayer battle action:

Awesomenauts is scheduled for release on PSN and XBLA “in a few weeks’ time.” We’ll keep you posted when a release date and price are announced.

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