Game of Thrones RPG – Plot Trailer

Game of Thrones RPG – Plot Trailer

Cyanide may not have the best reputation (the studio, not the chemical compound…although, it doesn’t have a bright reputation either, come to think of it), but I find myself hoping against hope that their upcoming Game of Thrones RPG will be a good game. The script has been supervised by George R.R. Martin himself, many of the characters are modeled after the critically acclaimed HBO series, and it’s built on the Unreal 3 engine. Playing as either a brother of the Night’s Watch or as a Red Priest, you will fight your way through the intrigue and dangers of Westeros on a “grand quest.” Take a look at the plot trailer below:

Also, take a look at some screenshots from the upcoming title to see what both cutscenes and gameplay should look like.

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