Marooners’ Talk: Episode 021 – “IDDQD”

Marooners’ Talk: Episode 021 – “IDDQD”

I know that most of you will see “IDDQD” as the title for Episode 021 of Marooners’ Talk and think, “Hey, this must be a great episode completely centered around DOOM and other games of its time and genre!” Yes, we do spend a few minutes on DOOM and the infinitely superior, yet unfortunately less successful Apogee title, Rise of the Triad. Seriously, Rise of the Triad is better than DOOM. Anyway, we discuss the Child’s Play donations from Retake Mass Effect as well as one man’s FTC filing for false advertising in the number of Mass Effect endings. More importantly, though, we discuss the hatred that most game journalists have for gamers. You know, the people they write for.

As always, you can listen instantly below or subscribe on iTunes and listen on the go! So, you know, do that. Or not. Whatever. Jerk.

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