Review: Ctrl-Alt-Del Cup Set

Review: Ctrl-Alt-Del Cup Set

Reviewing a cup set is actually much harder than you would think. It’s a fairly basic item, after all. You could quite easily get away with saying something like, “It contains liquid successfully, which makes it the perfect example of what a cup should be.” One sentence does not a review make, however, and there are more factors that you would take into consideration while deliberating over which set of cups you should buy for your home. So, what makes the Ctrl-Alt-Del cup set from ThinkGeek so worthy?

Well, as far as basic cup functionality is concerned…It contains liquid successfully, which makes it the perfect example of what a cup should be. The set contains three black plastic cups, 6.5×6.5cm at the brim and 6.5cm deep, on top of a circuitboard-esque black plastic tray. Shaped like the keys on a standard keyboard, the bottom of each cup is decorated with one of the three classic reboot keys. When stored brim-down, you have yet another geeky home decoration with practical functionality. They may be durable, but they don’t do well with a dishwasher. Hand washing is recommended.

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Now, why would you buy these small, handwash only plastic cups when you could buy something easier to wash with a larger volume capacity? Let’s say you have guests over to your geek-den, but they are simply boring the living daylights out of you. Or, perhaps someone (you?) says something incredibly off color and inappropriate. Break the boredom, or the tension, with a quick reboot of the entire conversation before filling their keyboard cups with mead, or ale, or ambrosia…whatever it is you drink.

At $11.99, you’re not really paying for three plastic cups and a tray. ThinkGeek is offering you the chance to control the flow of time with the press of three simple buttons. Control your destiny. Alter your past. Delete the memories of boredom. Ctrl-Alt-Del your way into instant popularity!


Contains liquid successfully
Allows you to reboot boring conversations
Must handwash
90 out of 100

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