Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Gunsmith

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Gunsmith

One of the things that impressed me most about Ghost Recon: Future Soldier back at E3 last year was the Gunsmith feature. It remains one of the features I am most eagerly anticipating when I get my hands on the game. Gunsmith is an absolutely phenomenal feature in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier that allows you to customize your weapon piece by piece, using your controller or using voice/motion through Kinect. While the functionality itself is great, it’s really the way Kinect control is implemented in Gunsmith that makes it shine. Using gestures, basic “point-and-click” motions, and voice commands, you can disassemble your weapon and begin interchanging available parts smoothly and easily. Want something customized for a certain mission? Simply say what you want, and Gunsmith will provide, ranging from “Randomize for range,” “Randomize for close combat,” and “Randomize for Badass.” And yes, “Randomize for Badass” is an actual randomization command.

I believe it was an assault rifle with a shotgun pump and taser attachment.

Gunsmith isn’t localized to your console, though. Take it with you on your mobile device or access it using the Ghost Recon Network on your computer. Take a look at the Gunsmith trailer here, and get ready for one hell of a game:

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