Kinect Voice Commands Coming to Skyrim

Kinect Voice Commands Coming to Skyrim

Today, along with confirmation that Bethesda is currently “hard at work” putting together the first Xbox 360 wave of new quests, locations, and more, we learned that, sometime this month, we will be receiving a free patch update to Skyrim with some big additions. Well, I suppose you could say one big addition that affects multiple aspects of the game, but either way, voice commands via Xbox 360 Kinect are making their way to Skyrim. Aside from the highly desirable, and somewhat obvious ability to speak in the Dragon’s tongue and activate Shouts, you will be able to issue ally commands, quickly change your left/right/dual equipped items, navigate your level constellations, quick save/load, sort items, navigate the map, and more. Curious to see it in action? Check out the video below:

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