Marooners’ Talk: Episode 023 – “Looking Forward”

Marooners’ Talk: Episode 023 – “Looking Forward”

The original idea for this episode of the Marooners’ Talk podcast was to really get into our anticipated titles for the rest of calendar year 2012. While we eventually got around to that, I believe our first 30-45 minutes focused on Internet providers, Doctor Who, used games, and various other topics. Come to think of it, the last 15 minutes kind of got off topic, too, so you’ve got about 45-50 minutes of anticipation discussion in “Looking Forward,” Episode 023 of Marooners’ Talk.Discussing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier with an Internet famous friend on the Twitters lead to the episode idea, so it was our great pleasure to include him in this weekend’s recording along with Adam, Thom, and myself. When we got to the core topic, we found that we each had some similarities in our lists, as well as some wild divergences. Thom is really the only one looking forward to Halo 4, while Adam is just as alone in his passion for Resident Evil 6. We reminisce about some of the titles we saw at last year’s E3, and look at some of the titles others will be seeing at this year’s E3. All in all, a good, fun episode that happens to run about 40 minutes longer than usual.

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