Rumor: Rayman Origins 2

Rumor: Rayman Origins 2

I hate rumors. I hate spreading rumors. I hate reporting rumors as news. “But dude, what are you doing RIGHT NOW if not reporting/spreading a rumor? Isn’t that hypocritical of you?” Well, yes…and yes. Kind of. The only reason that this rumor is being reported on here today is because I desperately fucking want a solid sequel to Rayman Origins, one of the best platformer titles I have ever played, and easily the best platformer title of this entire generation of consoles and handhelds. So, reporting this rumor may be something I hate doing, but if it helps build any kind of groundswell for a Rayman Origins 2, then I’ll do it and not regret it for a nanosecond.

An intrepid fan sent some screenshots and information to Kotaku regarding a marketing survey they received. In this survey, they saw the following question (with all strange capitalization choices left intact):

The sequel to Rayman origins will feature brand new settings: legendary worlds filled with castles, vampires, Ghosts, Greek Gods, or dragons…

Along with said question was a video slideshow of still shots supposedly from the Rayman Origins sequel:

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157629883258071″ items=”20″]

With the UbiArt engine already built, and Rayman Origins eventually turning a profit, it is not outside of the realm of possibility that we may be seeing a sequel in our future. The sooner, the better.

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