2011’s From Dust Making Its Way to Google Chrome

2011’s From Dust Making Its Way to Google Chrome

I first saw From Dust at a Judge’s Day event last year down in Santa Monica. I got another taste of it at E3, before finally getting my hands on the real deal during last year’s Summer of Arcade event. It was a fascinating game, with a beautiful environment. Now, this wonderful game is making its way to the Google Chrome store, much to my work efficiency’s detriment, I’m sure. Starting today, the title is available for $9.99 within the Chrome store, with the price going up to $14.99 after the first week.

How does it compare to its console platform brethren?

Well, it takes just as long to download, that’s for sure, and it seems that it downloads the game data each time you start it up. Additionally, there’s a note during startup that is kind of worrying:

For an optimum game experience, use a recent computer (Quad Core) with an OpenGL compatible graphics card.

That seems to be a lot to ask for a browser based game. Luckily, I can comply. The game, even on the PC I’m running it on, seems to be a little laggy at times. That being said, from what I could tell, it’s the full game available on consoles and PC, which does not bode well for productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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