Get ready for the Web Rush in Amazing Spider-Man

Get ready for the Web Rush in Amazing Spider-Man

For a while now, I’ve wondered what Activision and Beenox were talking about when they talked about their new gameplay mechanic for The Amazing Spider-Man, which they call Web Rush. Finally, we have a video trailer revealing just what it means to Web Rush.

Wow… okay, that is an interesting mechanic.

It’s interesting, because from what I can see, it looks like a sort of contextual sensitive, on-the-fly way to speed through the city. The fluidity of being able to shift directions during the Web Rush looks like it may be the replacement for the Web Zip that’s been part of the franchise since Spider-Man 2. It’s also interesting how it can be used for stealth and boss battles.

It kind of reminds me of how, in Arkham City, Batman would find these situations where an ordinary button press would result in a different response. So, Web Rush seems to be basically the “I am Spider-Man” button, allowing you to do the really crazy stuff we expect from Spidey.

Depending how it actually works in gameplay, it could be a brand-new mechanic that becomes part of how you play Spidey for the next era of the game franchise… or it could make the game a little too easy. Until I can get my hands on it to try out, I’ll have to keep my hopes high and wait, like everyone else.

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