Mad Riders Team Makes A Trailer

Mad Riders Team Makes A Trailer

I absolutely adore creative marketing. I want to give creative marketing shy compliments in barely more than a whisper, then quickly respond, “Nothing!” when creative marketing asks me what I said. I want to be a wonderful friend to creative marketing when it needs me, and build a foundation of mutual trust and affection. I want to turn that friendship into a beautiful relationship between myself and creative marketing that puts the greatest romantic minds and hearts of our generation to shame. I want to freak nasty the hell out of creative marketing.

That was going somewhere so sweet…sorry.

Mad Riders, set to release next week, aims to bring you adrenaline-rich ATV racing. Look for our review on Tuesday to see if it follows through. In the meantime, snuggle up real close and try to cop a feel on this wonderfully entertaining piece of creative marketing from the Mad Riders and Ubisoft teams.

Except for the dubstep. Cop a feel for the creativity, and punish for the dubstep.

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