Marooners’ Talk: Episode 028 – “Avengers Assemble”

Marooners’ Talk: Episode 028 – “Avengers Assemble”

It may be pretty obvious from the title, but Episode 028 of Marooners’ Talk (“Avengers Assemble”) is all about the recent Dark Knight Rises trailer. That’s right, folks, an hour and a half of dissection and discussion on the trailer for the thrilling climax to Nolan’s Batman trilogy is yours, mere clicks away. Truth be told, while we did venture off into other Marvel properties, and some DC properties, the brunt of the podcast focuses squarely on the recently released Avengers live-action feature film. The film has finished out the weekend smashing multiple records, and for damn good reason.

Fair warning, there are spoilers contained within this podcast. Also, I think we discuss Maryland a bit, but that may have been after the recording stopped.

As always, you can listen instantly below or subscribe on iTunes and listen on the go! So, you know, do that. Or not. Whatever. Jerk.

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